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On-Course Lessons: Learn how to play golf on the golf course.

Play and learn golf with a PGA Golf Professional:

We believe it is vital to spend time learning the game where it is played, on the golf course. So often students try to learn the entire game on the range only. PGA Golf Professional Bill Papppas will take you out on the golf course, where you will learn from situations that can't be taught on the range or in a classroom.

Because over 50% of this game is played inside of 100 yards, we devote half of the on-course lesson time to improving your short game skills; putting, chipping, pitching, and bunker techniques. You will also learn all the basics of good course management. Good course management skills and a solid short game will enable you to score better.

PGA Golf Professional Bill Pappas:
Bill Pappas has been teaching people how to golf for over 25 years. Bill has taught over 40 thousand golf lessons. Bill has been nominated several time for PGA teacher of the year for all of New England by his colleagues.

Bills philosophy on teaching is simple. Build solid fundamentals and have fun. Golf is a long adventure you will play and improve at golf over a lifetime. If at any time you stop having fun you will quickly loose interest and quit. So let's have fun learning the game of a lifetime.

“With Bills coaching I get better every day and am now convinced that I can achieve my goal of becoming a scratch golfer”

Lew Weitzman, Student Pappas Golf

On-Course Lessons:

Our lessons are designed to make you a better golfer.

A Relaxed Playing Experience:
You can pick from Private, Semi-Private or Group On-Course lessons. Most people think they will be nervous playing with a Golf Professional. You will be surprised how relaxed it is and how much fun you will have.

Swanson Meadows:
With a mix of long and short par 3's and 4's the executive golf course at Swanson Meadows in Billerica offers a great place to learn the game of golf. You will play 9 holes and learn everything you need to improve your score.

Merrimack Golf Club:
The newly redesigned golf course is a great place to do a playing lesson. You will learn every aspect of golf at this beautiful and relaxing setting. This course is a great place for advanced golfers to learn how to improve their game. Merrimack is a challenging golf course you will have to hit the ball well to play here.

Pitch And Putt:
Our summer home Kimball Farm in Westford, Mass is one of the best places around to learn the short game. Kimballs features a 9 hole pitch and putt with holes ranging form 40 yards to 100 yards. This on-course lesson is designed to teach you the short game first. This kind of lesson is great way for beginners to learn without the pressure of playing a long golf course.

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